When it comes to installing and maintaining wood flooring in local commercial businesses, contractors and business owners turn to Atlantic Hardwoods of Portland, Maine as their source for wood flooring.  Here’s a sampling of Greater Portland area establishments that count on our expertise.

Ebb and Flow Restaurant (  www.ebbandflowme.com )

Wide Plank Eastern White Pine Flooring creating a laid back, early American look:

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Bull Feeney’s ( http://www.bullfeeneys.com )

Wide Oak flooring and indigenous Maine Birch flooring combine to create an old Irish pub look:

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The Portland Museum of Art ( www.portlandmuseum.org )

Antique reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring:

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North Yarmouth Academy

Hard Maple flooring :

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Hugo’s ( www.hugos.net )

Dark Oak wood flooring:

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There are many more examples that showcase our ability to provide the kinds of hardwood flooring required to stand up to some of the highest traffic situations in today’s busy world.  So whether you’re looking for a wood floor for your home or for your business, contact Atlantic Hardwoods in Portland Maine…..wood’s good here!


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