Looking for a light colored wood floor for your home or business? There are so many options….let’s take a look at some.

Many species of wood will yield a bright, light color simply by applying a standard finish to the boards.  The species that give you the lightest natural color (without needing to stain the boards white) include:






Maple coastal

You can choose among several finishing techniques to greatly accentuate the natural light color of wood.  Rather than using an oil-based poly finish, you can use a water based finish or a Rubio Monocoat brand to keep the wood a light, neutral color:

Eastern White Pine with Rubio Monocoat:


White Oak with Rubio:


IF you want a light colored floor, but a bit of added warmth in color to your wood, apply an oil based finish:

Eastern White Pine with an Oil-based finish:


Antique Eastern White Pine with Tung-Oil Finish:


Red Oak with an oil-based finish:



There are many more wood floors that naturally give you a light colored feel, as well as many finishing techniques (like white-washing) to make many lighter shades.  Contact Atlantic Hardwoods in Portland Maine to learn more.

White Oak with custom light colored finish:

white oak rq graf

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